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Is your spouse hiding assets to escape property division?

You may be the type of person on which others frequently comment about your good intuition skills or that you're very perceptive. Such attributes often come in handy in life but may also lead you to find out things about another person that you later wish you never had. For instance, if you file papers for divorce in Arizona and begin to think your spouse is trying to pull one over on you and the civil justice system in order to avoid property division, you may feel sad and mad.

You wouldn't be the first person to face problems associated with hidden assets in divorce and likely won't be the last either. The bottom line is that such behavior is illegal, so not only would your former spouse be doing something mean to you, personally, he or she would also be breaking the law. In such circumstances, quick and appropriate legal action is often the best means of rectification.

Issues that may warrant further investigation

It's not uncommon for disagreements to arise during divorce proceedings when it comes to marital property and division laws in Arizona. However, it's never a good idea to sling insults or make serious accusations without evidence to support the allegation. The following list includes warning signals that your spouse may be trying to hide assets:

  • If you notice mail from banks or other financial institutions with which you do not have accounts, you may want to ask your spouse about it.
  • Bank statements arriving by postal mail that no longer have your name on them even though they're from your current banking facility are signs that your spouse might be trying to hide assets.
  • You may be used to paying off your credit card every month. (After all, it's a good habit.) However, if your spouse suddenly starts overpaying your credit card bill, you may want to discuss the matter. This is a common means of hiding assets in divorce because any overpayment essentially establishes a balance of available money in an account.
  • Did your spouse suddenly take up a new (expensive) hobby, such as art collecting? Someone trying to hide assets can purchase luxury items then understate the value when listing existing assets in divorce. The law demands full disclosure when it comes to finances and assets in divorce.
  • Has your spouse taken money out of your joint account, claiming to use it to pay back loans to friends or family members? If you did not know such loans existed, it may be because they don't! False loan payback is another easy way to hide assets. The purpose is that the friend or relative can hold the money until your divorce is finalized.

Let's say you ask your spouse about a particular issue that has you concerned. If, instead of a logical explanation, you are met with defensiveness, anger or a story that doesn't sound right, you may want to further investigate the situation.

Many Arizona residents who have faced similar situations enlisted the help of experienced family law attorneys to determine whether evidence existed that their spouses were hiding assets. An attorney knows how to get to the bottom of such matters and also what steps to take to rectify such situations in court.

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