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Sharing parenting duties equally after divorce

When you're standing face to face with your soon-to-be spouse and saying your wedding vows, the last thing likely on your radar is the possibility of heading down the road to divorce. There are times, though, when the old adage, "nothing lasts forever" may apply to your marriage vows.

Perhaps your marriage has been unraveling for a while. If you and your partner are thinking it may be time to part ways and you have children, most of your concerns probably lie with how well they will handle the changes about to happen in their lives.

Changing roles

Gone are the days when women are the homemakers and men the breadwinners. The 21st century has brought about many changes in the modern family dynamic. Even so, in a divorce situation, most courts in the United States still award sole custody of children to their mothers – 80 percent, in fact.

This statistic shows that the courts still view women as the nurturers and caregivers despite the fact that most moms have careers and most working dads share in the nurturing of their children. One way of getting around the stereotypes is by agreeing to share parenting duties with your ex.

On equal footing

A shared parenting plan can bode well for both working moms and dads. This quite often proves to be a win-win situation. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Allows children to spend equal time with you and your former partner
  • Allows moms more time for their careers
  • Gives Dads more involvement than just "weekend" dads
  • Treats moms and dads equally

Research shows that kids want and need both parents in their lives. Divorce is difficult on children, and having a parenting plan that addresses custody issues will make for happy, well-rounded and healthy children moving forward in single-family homes.

Catching on

Shared parenting is still in its infancy in the U.S., but it is becoming more popular as parents realize the benefits for them and their children. Mothers have time for their careers, and fathers can continue to build loving relationships with their children. Shared parenting also helps kids adjust much better to life after divorce.

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