Protecting Your Rights

At the Law Office of Brad Reinhart, LLC, I protect the rights of clients facing divorce modification issues throughout the Tempe, Arizona, area. Whether you seek to modify the terms of your divorce or to preserve the terms of your divorce as they are, I can help you as your lawyer.

Experienced Legal Judgment In Difficult Legal Matters

I work with clients seeking divorce modifications with respect to any number of items. Usually, those items are related to a change in custody or a change in child support.

If you are wondering whether your changed circumstances can help you convince a court to modify the terms of your divorce, I can help you make that case. I do that by working with you on a one-on-one basis. Getting to know you makes it possible for me to create a legal strategy as detailed as the court's inquiry into your circumstances is going to be.

If you are trying to preserve the terms of your divorce against a modification, I can also help you. Because I handle cases from both sides of the matter, I know strategies for resisting modifications where possible.

You can also rely on me for help if you are facing a highly contentious dispute. Having dealt with my own difficult divorce, I appreciate your need for an aggressive advocate, and I can provide you with that level of representation. In doing so, I draw on more than 17 years of experience as an attorney in highly contentious cases.

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