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For 17 years, I have worked as a lawyer assisting people with some of their most difficult situations throughout the Tempe, Arizona, area. I take that experience and put it to work for you during your divorce when it comes to dividing property, including assets involved in divorce and debts.

I Will Fight For The Fairness You Deserve

A divorce requires the division of property, of course, but few people understand the role played by debt these days. The car, the house, credit cards, all of those items often require significant debt.

You and your spouse most likely incurred the bulk of that debt, if not all of it, together during your marriage. For that reason, that debt also needs to be divided during the divorce.

If you are not strong enough to stand up for yourself in your marriage, you can turn to me, attorney Brad Reinhart. I make it my job to advocate on your behalf, to aggressively protect your interests for you even when you cannot do it for yourself.

I have significant experience both in negotiations and in trial work. For that reason, when I advise you to choose one particular legal option over a different one, you will know you are relying on my seasoned legal judgment when you make a difficult, life-changing decision.

Further, you need to understand that Arizona divorce law divides property differently from most states do. Unlike most states, Arizona is what is called a "community property" state.

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