Tough Representation For Contentious Disputes

Few if any legal matters make for more difficult situations than those matters involving children. Child support is no different.

If you are facing a child support dispute, no matter how contentious, you are most likely worried about what next steps to take. Instead of handling this yourself, you can instead turn to me, attorney Brad Reinhart, for the help you need throughout the Tempe, Arizona, area.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Children In Support Cases

Having gone through my own difficult divorce, I share firsthand knowledge of how difficult child support matters can be. In fact, it was my own divorce that motivated me to turn my practice to family matters.

First and foremost, my family practice is dedicated to providing you with individualized legal service. As a lawyer, I know how important it is to have someone in your corner you can trust in order to navigate the complicated laws and details of child support enforcement laws, legal rights to child support, and other child support-related questions.

You work with me directly. I answer your questions myself. I do not hand you off to an assistant or an attorney in training.

Doing so enables me to advise you as to how the court will view your case. I will also help you understand the steps you can take to meet the court's rule of putting the child's best interests as the highest priority. I will also help you see what factors the court will take into account when determining what amount will be paid in child support.

Learn More About How I Can Help You

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