Aggressive Legal Protection

I focus on protecting the rights of parents facing difficult family disputes in Tempe and throughout Arizona. Most people are intimidated by the legal process. They are confused about what needs to be filed and how to protect their rights and make sure their children’s best interests are safeguarded. We will do this together.

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Professional And Personal Experience

I practice family law in large part because of my own experience. I, too, have been through a difficult divorce. During that process, I had to learn difficult lessons for myself the hard way.

I now take those lessons of my experience and put them to your benefit. First and foremost, you can count on me to provide you with the aggressive representation you need to protect your rights during a divorce and during other difficult family disputes, particularly those disputes involving children.

To provide you with the best level of service, I work with you directly. I do not push you off onto a legal assistance or attorney in training.

Instead, I learn the details of your case and the goals you have. I draw on that knowledge to provide you with the legal guidance you could not provide to yourself: legal guidance informed by judgment gained both from 17 years of experience as a lawyer and from lessons learned in my own life.

Learn More About What I Can Do For You

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