Protecting Your Relationship With Your Child

Child custody, of course, is more than just about schedules and numbers. It is about your relationship with your child. For that reason, you want an attorney in your corner who will fight, not just for you, but for your relationship with your child.

I can be that attorney for you. At my firm, the Law Office of Brad Reinhart, LLC, I serve the entire Tempe, Arizona, region. In doing so, I focus my practice on the needs of clients facing difficult family issues such as child custody.

Experienced Legal Judgment

For 17 years as a lawyer, I have assisted clients in difficult situations. As a result, I know how to provide objective guidance to you even in emotionally difficult circumstances.

I have the experienced legal judgment in tough situations that can help you succeed. That experience includes years in the courtroom to resolve matters when the other side will not cooperate reasonably.

Few situations are more emotionally difficult than child custody and parenting time. I will help you understand how the child custody rights apply to your circumstances so you can make clearheaded decisions about how to proceed with your case.

Most important, I will help you see how the court will apply the "best interests of the child test" to your case. To prepare you to meet that test, I work with you directly. Because I know you, I can build a legal strategy tailored to your individual circumstances.

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