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When you feel scared and angry about the need to file for divorce or some other family dispute, you can turn to me, attorney Brad Reinhart. For 17 years, I have served the needs of clients in difficult situations throughout the Tempe, Arizona, area.

I began working with clients facing difficult family disputes after having experienced my own high-conflict divorce. I put those hard lessons to work now for you when you are dealing with your own family and divorce issues.

How I Can Help You

As your lawyer, I work with a variety of family law clients throughout the area, both married and unmarried. You can count on my experienced legal judgment, for instance, in those cases involving:

You will appreciate my personalized approach. I work with you directly. I do not hand your case off to an assistant or an attorney in training you never meet.

Instead, you can rely on me to help you myself understand your options. You can count on me to explain the law to you thoroughly so you know how the law applies to your case and can rest easier even in the middle of what can be a confusing legal system. I make it my job to provide you with that service in a way that is as compassionate as it is personalized.

While I assist you compassionately, I work aggressively to protect your rights. As an experienced trial attorney, I excel in the courtroom. I draw on that experience to maximize your nontrial options, including negotiations and other approaches.

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